15 Juillet 2024
1 mois il y a
La cyber-police ukrainienne arrête un suspect de 28 ans lié aux groupes de ransomwares Conti et LockBit. Le développeur présumé a créé des systèmes de chiffrement pour aider les logiciels malveillants à échapper à la détection.
Échec global dans Telegram - l'application n'a pas fonctionné pendant environ une heure et demie1 mois il y a
Échec global dans Telegram - l'application n'a pas fonctionné pendant environ une heure et demie
US, FVEY partners issue warning on China - says Beijing targeting "current & former military personnel from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (@NATO) nations & other Western countries to help bolster the PLA’s [ People’s Liberation Army] capabilities"
1 mois il y a
Roskomnadzor constate l'inaccessibilité partielle de certains sites Web gouvernementaux. La raison préliminaire est une défaillance dans l'une des sections du réseau de communication, a rapporté le département.
Tusk: Another very dangerous hacker attack well illustrates Russia's destabilization strategy on the eve of the European elections.
PAP identified the source of the false message about mobilization that appeared on its website
Due to the probably Russian cyberattack on the Polish Press Agency and disinformation about the alleged mobilization in Poland, the Internal Security Agency, in cooperation with the Ministry of Digitization @CYFRA_GOV_PL, took immediate action
Russian bottom trawling back and forth repeatedly just on top of the main fiber optic internet cable between Svalbard and the Norwegian mainland1 mois il y a
Russian bottom trawling back and forth repeatedly just on top of the main fiber optic internet cable between Svalbard and the Norwegian mainland
State Dept says U.S. and its NATO partners are "vigilant in observing, watching out for any Russian cyber attack activity in Europe" "Cyber attacks on NATO allies are completely unacceptable and would potentially trigger significant consequences,"
North Korean APT group Kimsuky deploys Linux version of GoBear backdoor, targeting South Korean organizations
2 mois il y a
China has hacked the Ministry of Defence, Sky News understands
2 mois il y a
Selon le ministère des Affaires étrangères, l'ambassadeur en Russie Alexander Graf Lambsdorff restera une semaine à Berlin avant de rentrer en Russie. Cette décision fait suite à la prétendue cyberattaque russe contre le SPD.
Poland condemns Russian cyberattacks, says has been targeted too
2 mois il y a
Russia denies its involvement in the cyber attack on Germany
2 mois il y a
Le gouvernement allemand : nous condamnons les cyberattaques russes contre le Parti social-démocrate
2 mois il y a
Germany Foreign Minister says Russia will face consequences for a cyber attack allegedly orchestrated by a group with ties to its military intelligence
2 mois il y a
US official urges China, Russia to declare only humans, not AI, control nuclear weapons
Facebook and Instagram have been hit with EU probes over Russian disinformation
Major CyberAttack Alert Italy / Libya: Mellitah Oil & Gas, the Libyan branch of Eni and other Eni business units allegedly compromised by RansomHub ransomware group. "Mellitah Oil & Gas / Enigas Ly (Eni Electricity, Oil & Gas) and other Eni business units are hacked. All confidential data of the company and its customers are stolen," the hacking group states
Telegram a restauré les chatbots officiels ukrainiens2 mois il y a
Telegram a restauré les chatbots officiels ukrainiens
2 mois il y a
Telegram a bloqué plusieurs robots Telegram ukrainiens, utilisés pour communiquer avec des personnes dans les territoires occupés, y compris un robot du renseignement militaire ukrainien.
TikTok's owner ByteDance would prefer to 'shut down' its app in the US rather than sell it if all legal options are exhausted - Reuters
2 mois il y a
Palestinian Telecommunications Company: Fixed internet outage in the central and southern Gaza Strip areas
Macron: We must develop European cybersecurity capacity
TikTok CEO: We will fight against the American ban in the courts
US Senate approves bill banning TikTok unless Chinese owner ByteDance sells platform
US Department of State: Iran’s cyber actors threaten the security of the United States and our partners. Today, @USTreasury sanctioned two entities and four individuals involved in malicious cyber activity for or on behalf of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps's Cyber Electronic Command
The Chinese Ministry of Defense announces the formation of a new cyber military force
On Artificial Intelligence-"We're seeing a variety of bad actors using AI to make themselves significantly more effective" per @FBI's Wray in Q&A. Says that includes China
The United States is taking action today against Hamas cyber and UAV operatives. We will continue to target Hamas's destabilizing attempts to launch terrorist attacks, and disrupt its militants wherever they operate, including across cyberspace