7 Грудень 2023
Axios on officials: Raising the level of emergency in the United States in anticipation of cyberattacks on infrastructure and hospitals
Tonight, wires were cut on Vodafone lines in 3 cities in Eastern Ukraine. Zero connection for few hours, was restored by morning @MVS_UA :"This is part of Russia's plan to destabilize situation in Ukraine. We must understand sabotage at communications facilities will continue"
Деякі користувачі в Краматорську, Лисичанську, Дружківці, Сєвєродонецьку, Костянтинівці повідомляють про проблеми з підключенням до Vodafone/мобільного інтернету
Twitter having some issues1 рік тому
Twitter having some issues
.@FBI developing a new team to handle cryptocurrency, @TheJusticeDept Deputy AttyGen Lisa Monaco tells Munch Cyber Security Conference1 рік тому
.@FBI developing a new team to handle cryptocurrency, @TheJusticeDept Deputy AttyGen Lisa Monaco tells Munch Cyber Security Conference
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US Defense Secretary: We expect a cyber attack, fabricated activities, and disinformation campaigns before any actual attack
"Over the last several years, we have observed and documented a host of malicious activity conducted by Russian state-sponsored cyber actors targeting US critical infrastructure" per @CISAJen in statement
.@CISAgov @FBI @NSAGov warn Russia cyber actors targeting defense contractors with: - Brute force techniques; - Spearphishing emails; - Harvested credentials; - Mapping Active Directory; - Maintaining access for months
.@CISAgov @FBI @NSAGov issuing cybersecuurity advisory on Russia targeting US defense contractors supporting @USArmy @usairforce @USNavy @SpaceForceDoD & intelligence agencies Goal was to get info on weapons development, communications infrastructure, research & more
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Ukraine MoD said at start of DDoS they recorded 600,000 packets of malicious traffic per second and currently one bank is getting hit with 1mil. For perspective, Google was hit with DDoS in 2017 involving 2.54 terabites per sec targeting 180,000 web servers
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Ukraine suffered the largest denial of service cyber attack in its history this week, the country's deputy prime minister has said
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Kremlin spokesperson said that Russia is not involved in any DDoS attacks, including in Ukraine
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Internet services of Russian telecommunication provider Megafon are not available in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk and Krasnodar Krai
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Усі українські урядові .gov.ua працюють з періодичними перебоями, недоступними для багатьох у самій Україні
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Також не працює сайт Міністерства освіти і науки України mon.gov.ua
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Washington Post: російські урядові хакери проникли в українські військові, енергетичні та інші критично важливі комп'ютерні системи, повідомляє уряд США
Міністр цифрової трансформації України: О 20:00 за київським часом DDoS-атака була спрямована на урядовий портал Дія. Поки що успішно відбита1 рік тому
Міністр цифрової трансформації України: О 20:00 за київським часом DDoS-атака була спрямована на урядовий портал Дія. Поки що успішно відбита
Possible GPS interference for Wizzair W64603 Kharkiv-Larnaca1 рік тому
Possible GPS interference for Wizzair W64603 Kharkiv-Larnaca
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Центр стратегічних комунікацій та інформаційної безпеки України підтвердив DDoS-атаку на два найбільші держбанки України: Ощадбанк і Приватбанк, а також на сайти Міністерства оборони та ЗСУ.
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Website of Ukrainian ministry of defense is down
Користувачі повідомляють про проблеми з доступом до мобільного додатка найбільшого українського банку ПриватБанк
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Масштабні проблеми з банкоматами, додатками та онлайн-сервісами Українського державного банку Ощадбанк
Top cybersecurity officials from the US Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have warned of potential attacks on American cyber infrastructure in concert with a physical Russian invasion of Ukraine: ABC
AP: Zero Hedge denied the claims on connection to Russian Intelligence and said it tries to "publish a wide spectrum of views that cover both sides of a given story"
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Customers of the biggest Ukrainian bank Privatbank receiving fake text messages on disabling of ATMs on February 15 due to technical reasons
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Belgium sees Chinese smartphones as a spying risk. Chinese phone makers may pose an espionage risk for users, Belgian Justice Minister said. "Data contained on these smartphones could be exposed to espionage or an unwanted transfer to Chinese authorities"
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The FSB showed footage of searches at residences of members of the Lurk hacker group, investigative actions were carried out at 88 addresses in 13 regions of the Russian Federation
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SBU security service says Ukraine's suffering from a powerful wave of the hybrid warfare right now - attempts to inflate systematic panic, fake information and distortion of reality. 'Information space is under unprecedented influence,'- SBU
GPS jamming affecting ADSB tracking over Tel-Aviv
Seems like another full night (and day) of jamming/spoofing GPS signals all over the Middle East