Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

25 September 2018
Trump says he doesn't know why his longtime attorney paid $130K to Stormy Daniels right before the election
Beijing will build a $2.1 billion technology park dedicated to developing artificial intelligence in 5 years, local authorities said. The park is expected to attract about 400 enterprises, with an estimated annual output value of about $7.7 billion. was blocked in Iran this afternoon. Non accessible from all regions
8 month ago
Germany will fine social media outlets for not deleting hate speech and hoaxes
Telegram Durov: While apps like Telegram and Signal are currently blocked by the Iranian authorities, WhatsApp remains fully accessible in Iran.
@telegram ban lifted by Iran Govt.
[email protected]'s account has been locked, according to this email that was just forwarded to me by someone who reported his "give them a taste of their own blood" tweets.
China's WeChat denies storing user chats
Power Outage Reported at New Orleans International Airport
Iranians are receiving this text message from an unknown number (possibly security forces) that says those who participate in 'illegal' protests will face legal action
Taliban just created an app8 month ago
Taliban just created an app
Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp suffered a global outage for about an hour on New Year's Eve before the problem was fixed
Iran TV announced it to filter Telegram and Instagram as an urgent security measure
Iranian government restricts Telegram and Instsgram applications to block the demonstrations.
Internet is, at least, partially disabled in Tehran
[email protected] complies with Iran ICT minister's Twitter request for Amad News to be shut down. The channel appears to have played key role in mobilizing and organizing protests.
Iran's ICT minister is pressuring Telegram CEO to shut down some Telegram channels amid ongoing anti-government protests that according to some reports played a key role in organizing protesters
Alleged 'Nigerian Prince' Email Scammer Arrested in Louisiana, Police Say
China starts crackdown on online game irregularities: Xinhua
9 month ago
3 syndicate members jailed in 'heaviest penalty' for Internet piracy in Hong Kong
9 month ago
Tunisia MP Samir Bin Amor, an official of Marzouki's Congress for the Republic Party (CPR), accuses UAE of hacking National Radio Facebook page à la Qatar, calling for a coup against President @BejiCEOfficial
Facebook confirmed that Kadyrov accounts were blocked cause of U.S sanctions
9 month ago
Russian TV Dozhd: hacker Kozlovsky claimed that he took part in development of Lurk and WannaCry malware for FSB
9 month ago
Ex-Acting CIA Director Mike Morell and ex-House Intel Chair Mike Rogers say Russia is still launching cyberattacks on the U.S., using Twitter to discredit the FBI, attack ABC News, criticize the Obama admin, and target Repubs who speak out against Trump.
FBI Software Contains Russian-Made Code That Could Open A Back Door For Kremlin Hackers, Whistleblowers Say
9 month ago
Vietnam army reveals 10,000-strong cyber warfare unit
It's propaganda
IS/Khattab media spreads a new video "OUR GIFTS ARE READY" inside Christmas IS terror campaign
North Korea to U.S.: If you're going to accuse us of hacking, you'd better present your evidence.
Raid alarm sirens launched in L’viv “without authorization”, no threat to public - city authorities
Russian censor Roskomnadzor will send an official query to Facebook and Instagram if they don't explain why they blocked Ramzan Kadyrov's accounts.
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