Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

23 Rujan 2018
Trump says he doesn't know why his longtime attorney paid $130K to Stormy Daniels right before the election
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Somaliland to shut down Internet networks across the state for its presidential elections on 13th November
Washington orders RTAmerica to register as foreign agent by Monday
Speaking at NATO, US Defence Secretary Mattis says Russia is making incessant efforts to interfere in US politics; discussed with allies US view that Russia has breached INF Treaty
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InfoWars has copied more than 1,000 articles produced by Russia's RT to its website
Fire at "technical object" of Russian Foreign intelligence SVR was extinguished
NATO's @jensstoltenberg says cyber effects and weapons could be more proportionate than responding with military force.
NATO will create new cyber operations center and will allow commanders to utilize cyber weapons into war plans, @jensstoltenberg says.
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"I love Islamic state." Prince Albert police website hacked.
Cyber is another top priority for NATO and will reflect it in our updated command structure: @jensstoltenberg
Nepal bank recovers 'most' of the money stolen after its SWIFT server was hacked last month
"If we want to deal with Russia disinformation,we do need someone at a leadership level in the US to say this is our strategy" per Clint Watts
"If they [Russia] want to dive into a campaign the decision point is they start a hacking campaign for kompromat" per @selectedwisdom
"if you want to know where [Russia] is going1st thing I look for is where are RT and Sputnik news outlets going" per @selectedwisdom
"No one had the information warfare responsibility" per @selectedwisdom adds of difficulties in countering Russia info ops
In 2014 saw what ISIS was doing but what Russia was doing was beyond that, per @selectedwisdom "I was almost admiring the audacity"
"We have lost consistently in the open source/unclass battlefield going from militants to Russia" @selectedwisdom tells @CSIS
@GenMhayden at @CSIS: This is not just cyber-it's information dominance, "Doctrinally we've trained ourselves not to think that way"
"Then we saw that same assault in the American electoral process" @GenMhayden tells @CSIS "And the German and the French and so on" re Russia
Gen Michael Hayden: "They took one of the most clearest acts of aggression in the last decade-the shoot down of a Malayasian airliner by a Buk missile"
Russia all in on "information dominance” per @GenMhayden “Saw the result..information domain cover for the little green men in Ukraine"
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IT-systems of all of the hospitals in Helsinki are down. No causes stated
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USA - Pro-IS hackers hijack 800 US schools' sites with Sadam Hussein photo, 'I love Islamic State' message
Estonian Internal Security Service KaPo arrested a Russian FSB agent preparing cyber attacks against gov agencies
NATO Allies must be able to deter and defend against cyber threats as much as against attacks from the land, sea or air - @jensstoltenberg
Looks like it's impacting multiple major telecom providers, not just Comcast, including Verizon, ATT, and Spectrum10 mjesec pre
Looks like it's impacting multiple major telecom providers, not just Comcast, including Verizon, ATT, and Spectrum
APT32 (Vietnam) pwned Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's office website
Ex-NSA head Keith Alexander: hacking back could end up with real, military conflict
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Afghanistan will not block Telegram: spokesman
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The ParadisePapers reportedly show how state-run Russian companies funded large investments in Twitter and Facebook
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