18 July 2024
1 year ago
Hackers linked with Wagner PMC claimed attack against satellite communications provider Dozor-Teleport
1 year ago
Russian satellite operator Dozor Teleport (AS41942) left the global routing table at about 02:00 UTC earlier today. It is now unreachable, reportedly due to a cyber attack. 4 of 5 routes previously announced by AS41942 were withdrawn, one is now announced by Amtel-Svyaz (AS51764), parent company of Dozor Teleport.
National Security Cyber Section launched to combat cyber threats from nation states like North Korea, aiming to enhance coordination between criminal and national security investigations
Roskomnadzor has blocked media, associated with Evgeniy Prigozhin1 year ago
Roskomnadzor has blocked media, associated with Evgeniy Prigozhin
Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor announced possible internet restrictions in regions with declared counter-terrorism operation
Russian most popular social network is blocking Prigozhin statements1 year ago
Russian most popular social network is blocking Prigozhin statements
Several Swiss government websites attacked by hackers on Monday morning. The attack was claimed by the pro-Russian hacker group 'NoName'
Banking services partially not working for customers in Moscow, after issues at Infotel ISP which provides internet services for Central Bank of Russia1 year ago
Banking services partially not working for customers in Moscow, after issues at Infotel ISP which provides internet services for Central Bank of Russia
The SEC announced that it has filed a lawsuit against the cryptocurrency exchange, Binance
1 year ago
Broadcasting of MIR TV company was hijacked starting 12:41 and before 13:18, aired fake address of Putin, - statement of company
Microsoft is attributing attacks exploiting the CVE-2023-34362 MOVEit Transfer 0-day vulnerability to Lace Tempest, known for ransomware operations & running the Clop extortion site. The threat actor has used similar vulnerabilities in the past to steal data & extort victims
Broadcasting of several TV channels in Crimea was hacked. Operators turning off them
Minister of Defense of Ukraine: Ukraine has officially joined the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE). This is yet another step towards common security space in Europe, which is impossible without Ukraine's membership in the Alliance
Occupation authorities in parts of Luhansk region shutdown mobile internet in the area
1 year ago
US, Canadian, British, Australian and New Zealand intelligence agencies neutralize Snake malware
US @DHSgov creating Artificial Intelligence Task Force. "We must address the many ways in which artificial intelligence will drastically alter the threat landscape and augment the arsenal of tools we possess to succeed in the face of these threats" per @SecMayorkas
BuzzFeed News is being shut down
“Microsoft assesses that Mint Sandstorm is associated with an intelligence arm of Iran’s military, IRGC, an assessment that has been corroborated by multiple credible sources including Mandiant, Proofpoint, and SecureWorks”
1 year ago
All Southwest Airlines flights are grounded due to a computer issue. The airline tells "operations are paused". 795 flights are delayed as of 10:30ET
1 year ago
FSB accusing U.S. and NATO in launching cyberattacks against Russia from Ukraine
The Biden administration is looking at expanding how it monitors social media sites and chatrooms after U.S. intelligence agencies failed to spot classified Pentagon documents circulating online for weeks
NPR becomes first major news org to stop using Twitter, saying that the Elon Musk-owned platform “is taking actions that undermine our credibility.”. “We are not putting our journalism on platforms that have demonstrated an interest in undermining our credibility…”
1 year ago
Federal Customs Service of Russia announced failures in the work of customs information systems due to external impact on the IT resources of the service
Google says government-backed hackers allegedly connected to the North Korean military targeted people with expertise in North Korea policy issues by posing as journalists
Twitter restored Russian state propaganda accounts in the search after 3 years
Italy's privacy watchdog said Friday it had blocked the controversial robot ChatGPT, saying the artificial intelligence app did not respect user data and could not verify users' age
1 year ago
Cyber attacks against several Ukrainian government resources
Confirmed: Network data show a significant decline in internet connectivity in Malawi amid power outages and damaged infrastructure from CycloneFreddy as authorities declare a state of disaster with the death toll approaching one hundred
SVB Bank fails as US regulators take over. It's the first FDIC-insured institution to crash this year
Emergency sirens sounded in Ryazan as result of system failure