Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

22 September 2018
Trump says he doesn't know why his longtime attorney paid $130K to Stormy Daniels right before the election
Over 700 experts taking part in Tartu-led NATO cyber defense exercise
Yahoo hack: Baratov plead guilty to 8 counts including conspiracy to commit computer fraud and abuse and aggravated identity theft.
Karim Baratov, 22, pleads guilty to charges that he worked for Russian intelligence as part of the 2013 Yahoo hack as part of new a plea agreement with US prosecutors. The hack impacted 500 million accounts.
Washington state attorney general sues Uber after data breach
Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu wants FBI Director Wray to brief Congress on the failure of the FBI to notify current and former officials who were targeted by Russian hackers.
9 month ago
Kaspersky CEO says he would leave if Russia asked him to spy
Venezuela and Russia Teamed Up to Push Pro-Catalan Fake News. 3% came from non-venezuelan, non-russian, real sources
Philippines National Police chief welcomes Apple decision to drop ‘Tokhang' mobile games
9 month ago
South Korea's PM thinks young people have $10,000 to blow on Bitcoin
Published on @kann: US and Israeli intel officials tell @HowardBlum (In his upcoming book "In the enemy's house"): 'almost 100%' @Snowden gave Russia all his Docs, one of them, with info on an Israeli ongoing operation in Iran, was given to Iran and brought the operation to a stop
Reporter of Kremlin TV Zvezda Alexey Samoletov was detained in Chisinau airport
9 month ago
Russia's Security Council has a bold new proposal to develop a separate Internet for the BRICS. And Putin just signed on.
Uber Philippines confirms data of Filipino users among those hacked – NPC
3 China nationals indicted for computer hacking, theft of trade secrets, conspiracy and ID theft per @TheJusticeDept
"Some websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts were being misused for propaganda purposes and live streaming by protesters which stood to hamper our efforts." - @MofInteriorPK Ahsan Iqbal
Jordanian Minister of State for Media Affairs: Social communication means a weakness through which terrorist groups infiltrate our societies
Jordanian Minister of State for Information: We were surprised by the size of the great development and advanced use by the terrorist groups of the means of social communication and we must face it
Many more websites have also been blocked in Pakistan
AQ/Global posted Al-Hijrah Media Bulletin issue 23: " Fighting The Lies Of The Western Media"
Managers of key Islamic State-linked Telegram channels are advertising links to Twitter accounts used to promote IS propaganda, such as a video distributed using Google Drive that features English-speaking IS members calling for support before executing suicide attacks
Pakistan: Social media platforms blocked on internet browsers on most ISPs, still accessible via mobile applications
Twitter, Facebook and YouTube all blocked in Pakistan
Facebook has been shut down in Pakistan
Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority bans all TV channel temporarily because of worsening security situation amidst protests in Islamabad
Ukraine Cyber police warns about massive distribution of new ransomware Scarab10 month ago
Ukraine Cyber police warns about massive distribution of new ransomware Scarab
10 month ago
Pakistani Intelligence Authorities have published alert for Lahore Airport in response to threat of hijacking of International aircrafts. Security and screening measures have been raised from the standards
BuzzFeed has uncovered a new network of suspected Twitter propaganda accounts—sharing messages about Brexit, Trump, and Merkel—that have close connections to the Russian-linked bot accounts identified in Twitter’s evidence to Congress.
AP source: Flynn lawyers have stopped discussing Russia probe with Trump team
10 month ago
Intelligence and Security Committee has met today for the first time since the last election. Dominic Grieve re-appointed Chairman. ISC will consider investigating Russian activity against the UK
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