3 December 2021
Many Iranian sites report a cyber attack against gas stations in Iran. There is a sudden outage of fuel system already for a few hours
On anniversary of 2019 fuel protests, Iran's gas station systems have come under a cyber-attack, disrupting distribution of subsidized fuel and creating long queues of cars across Iran. Street billboards have also been hacked, showing messages like: Khamenei, where's our fuel?
A vulnerability in GitLab Community Edition (tracked as CVE-2021-22205) is now being exploited in the wild
Russia spy agency launches another effort to penetrate a large number of computer networks of the US government and corporations, announces ⁦@Microsoft⁩
Cracked cryptotelephony service SKY delivers another breakthrough in Belgium: 10 suspects with links to the port of Antwerp arrested in drug investigation
Latest Russian cyberattack targeting hundreds of US networks - Microsoft
Currently, @netblocks shows that Sudan's network connectivity is down to 24 percent, consistent with reports of the military coup leaders attempting to strangle FreeSpeech
Internet cut in Sudan Government source says armed men arrest some Sudan leaders at their homes
The Iraqi National Service in Kirkuk arrested a serious suspect of cyber crimes managing several social media pages for embezzling people. He shot back the patrol assigned to arrest him. Article 6 of counter cyber-crime law imposes 3-5 years in prison &/or 5-10 m IQD penalty
US Defense Secretary: NATO issued a statement on China's malicious cyber behavior
NATO defense ministers have adopted the alliance's first strategy on artificial intelligence today, which will see a new fund of $1B invested into emerging and disruptive technologies on behalf of the 30 allies1 month ago
NATO defense ministers have adopted the alliance's first strategy on artificial intelligence today, which will see a new fund of $1B invested into emerging and disruptive technologies on behalf of the 30 allies
NSO crisis: "The Israeli proposal included a commitment to ban the hacking of French mobile phone numbers in any future spyware deal between an Israeli firm and a third country. A similar ban already exists on hacking U.S. and U.K. numbers
Israel and France hold secret talks to end NSO spyware crisis
This press release reporters are getting is legit - confirmed by sources close to former President Trump. He is launching a media company with a social media platform called "TRUTH Social"
1 month ago
Recorded Future report examines a campaign aimed at discrediting the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID19 vaccine. The campaign's TTPs suggest it is most likely associated with Russian state-sponsored information operation Secondary Infektion
Greatest technological threat to the US CIA Director Bill Burns points to China, across a range of emerging technologies. Also says he would never underestimate the capacity of "this Russian leadership" to make good use of cyber tools for asymmetric uses
"We need reporting to address this threat" per @TheJusticeDept Deputy AG Monaco re ransomware "We need that engagement from victim companies, & we need it early"
"The other thing that has struck me is the sheer brazenness.especially when it comes to ransomware & digital extortion" per @TheJusticeDept Deputy AG Monaco. Describes cyber threat landscape as "crowded & aggressive"
"We are yet another inflection point" when it comes to cyber threats facing the US, per @TheJusticeDept Deputy AG Lisa Monaco "Russia China North Korea & Iran pose a significant threat" she says "Now the threat is blended with criminal groups. They are forming alliances
Evil Corp is back. The infamous Russian ransomware gang is behind the hack that hit Sinclair Broadcasting Group this weekend
Google announced it has prevented the attack of "Russian-speaking hackers" on YouTube bloggers
1 month ago
UK fines Facebook over £50 million for information breach
AGKarlRacine: I just added Mark Zuckerberg as a defendant in my lawsuit against Facebook. Our continuing investigation revealed that he was personally involved in decisions related to Cambridge Analytica and Facebook's failure to protect user data
1 month ago
Defense Secretary Austin: "We again call on Russia to end its occupation of Crimea, to stop perpetuating war in Eastern Ukraine, to end its destabilizing activities in the Black Sea & Ukraine's borders, & to halt persistent cyberattacks against the U.S”
1 month ago
Full blackout in occupied South Ossetia after accident at power lines
Donald Trump's presidential website was hacked and defaced by Turkish "hacktivist" group RootAyyildiz on Monday morning
Facebook's secret list of banned dangerous individuals and organizations, which can't be freely discussed on the company's platforms, leaked and today TheIntercept publishing it in full
Microsoft said it mitigated a 2.4 Tbps DDoS attack, the largest ever
1 month ago
Downdetector: Users are reporting malfunctions at Walmart and Southeast Airlines
@Microsoft says Iran targeted using Cyber U.S. and Israeli defense technology and global maritime companies
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