7 December 2023
Warningwarning Confirmed: Yemen is in the midst of a nation-scale Internet blackout following airstrike on telecom building in Hudaydah; real-time network data show collapse of connectivity on leading provider; incident ongoing chart_with_downwards_trend
Some altimeters "will be too susceptible to 5G interference" and will be prohibited from performing low-visibility landings near 5G deployments, announces FAA
1 year ago
Central Bank of Russia say cryptocurrencies have multiple features of pyramid scheme - speculative growth backed only by new holders
1 year ago
Russian Central bank: as cryptocurrencies pose risk to sovereignty of Ruble it is recommended to prohibit any operations with cryptocurrencies, prohibit mining of cryptocurrencies in Russia, block any crypto-fiat exchange operations, impose responsibility for Russian citizens for crypto operations
.@POTUS clarified "minor incursion". He was referring to the difference between military and non-military/para-military/cyber action by the Russians. Such actions would be met by a reciprocal response, in coordination with Allies and partners
The U.S. could respond to Russian cyberattacks in Ukraine with a cyber response, Biden warns during White House press conference
Confirmed: Kenya's Telkom Kenya is experiencing a nation-scale outage with the provider reporting a service interruption to its GSM and global data; real-time network data show provider's connectivity at 9% of ordinary levels; incident ongoing
Schools in Kryvyi Rih switched to remote education after multiple bomb threats
CISA tells US businesses/orgs: "If working with Ukrainian organizations, take extra care to monitor, inspect, and isolate traffic from those organizations; closely review access controls for that traffic”
Significant power outage has knocked out internet connectivity across much of Venezuela; real-time network data show national connectivity collapse from ~1 p.m. local time; incident ongoing
"I want to thank Verizon and AT&T for agreeing to delay 5G deployment around key airports and to continue working with the Department of Transportation on safe 5G deployment at this limited set of locations," says @POTUS in a statement
Telephone operator AT&T agrees to delay 5G deployment around certain US airports
Poland's prime minister raises nationwide cybersecurity terror threat alarm after cyberattack on Ukraine
Israeli police use NSO's Pegasus spyware to hack Israeli citizens' phones, without any warrant or court supervision. Some hacked were not even suspects. Among hacked, leaders of anti-Netanyahu protests
1 year ago
Hackers attacked Kyiv's Shevchenkivskyi District Court, computer systems of court temporary disabled
1 year ago
Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine on attack: A version of the combination of three attack vectors is currently being considered: supply chain attack and exploitation of OctoberCMS and Log4j vulnerabilities
Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine: this morning website of Prozorro Infobox was defaced in similar manner as multiple websites on Friday1 year ago
Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine: this morning website of Prozorro Infobox was defaced in similar manner as multiple websites on Friday
NATO released the public version of space policy: Space is NATO's 5th operational domain, alongside air, land, sea ocean and cyberspace; NATO relies on satellites to navigate, communicate and gather intelligence
Microsoft The hashes for the two-stage destructive malware are now in VirusTotal. For stage1.exe and stage2.exe
All web traffic in Cambodia will soon be routed through a government portal. "The outcome will be to crush what little remains of freedom of expression online," said Sophal Ear, a dean at Arizona State University whose family escaped the Khmer Rouge
Microsoft identified a unique destructive malware operated by an actor tracked as DEV-0586 targeting Ukrainian organizations. Observed activity, TTPs, and IOCs shared in MSTIC blog.
A damaged fiber-optic cable which runs through the Georgia border with Armenia has resulted in disruption to internet service in multiple countries including Iran. Engineers are working to resolve the issue
1 year ago
Moscow court arrested all 8 suspected hackers of REvil group
Sr Admin Official on ransomware arrests today: We understand one of the individuals who was arrested today was responsible for the attack against Colonial Pipeline last spring
The cyberattack conducted against Ukrainian websites overnight was "relatively unsophisticated" says NSA Sullivan. US does not think all claims on Ukraine's foreign ministry website re data being leaked & grabbed have "borne out yet." US still getting to the bottom of it he says
1 year ago
Hackers who launched strikes against Ukrainian government websites appear to have used the software administration rights of a third party company that developed the sites, a top Ukrainian security official told Reuters on Friday
1 year ago
Investigation is still ongoing but the Security Service of Ukraine has obtained preliminary indicators suggesting that hacker groups associated with the Russian secret services may stand behind today's massive cyberattack on government websites
1 year ago
Cyber-attack on Ukrainian government websites carried out through one 3rd party outsource IT company Kitsoft, which developed these websites using October CMS website content management system
1 year ago
Database of compulsory third-party car insurance of Ukraine is offline after it was targeted in cyberattack. Online sales of insurance policies suspended
US, White House "don't have an attribution at this time" @WHNSC spox tells @VOANews "While we continue to assess the impact with the Ukrainians, it seems limited so far with websites coming back online.We will provide Ukraine with whatever support it needs to recover"