7 December 2023
1 year ago
Russian finance monitor has added Meta(Facebook) to the list of terrorist and extremist organizations
1 year ago
Some of the US largest airports have been targeted by cyberattacks from an attacker within Russia, senior official says - ABC News
Killnet has released a target list of USA airports. According to @AlvieriD Chicago O'hare airport and Atlanta airport two of the biggest in the US been having issues for several hours
Network data show major sustained impacts to infrastructure across much of Ukraine after a series of attacks by Russia; energy facilities have been targeted per President's office1 year ago
Network data show major sustained impacts to infrastructure across much of Ukraine after a series of attacks by Russia; energy facilities have been targeted per President's office
Israeli media: Iranian-backed Iraqi hackers hacked the Energean and Israel Gas websites
1 year ago
German rail operator Deutsche Bahn says sabotage caused the massive problems with the train network in the north of the country on Saturday
1 year ago
All applications of the VK holding have disappeared from the App Store. After the removal of the VKontakte application for iOS, other applications from the social network ecosystem also disappeared - VK Music, VK Clips and VK Messenger, VK Play and VK Admin. Also, the programs of the entire ecosystem of the VK holding, including Mail․ru mail, have been removed from the application store.
1 year ago
Putin granted Snowden Russian citizenship
An Israeli hacker group shut down the Iranian state-controlled Fars News Agency on Sunday night. according to foreign reports
Netblocks: "Iran is now subject to the most severe internet restrictions since Nov 2019 massacre. Mobile networks largely shut down (MCI, Rightel, Irancell - partial). Regional disruptions observed during protests. Instagram, WhatsApp restricted
Iran has been restricted WhatsApp amid the protests over the death of MahsaAmini: NetBlocks
Pulkovo airport website hacked - Fontanka
1 year ago
Digital services ministry now denies that mobilisation notices will be sent via digital services portal, only paper notices via mail
1 year ago
Mobilisation notice will be sent to eligible men via Russian state services digital portal "GosUslugi". Now website is partially down
China-linked communications companies today added by the @FCC to its list of those deemed a threat to national security
PuertoRico is seeing a moderate recovery in internet connectivity following yesterday's island-wide power blackout that knocked many users and networks offline during the approach of Hurricane Fiona; real-time metrics show connectivity at 50% of ordinary levels
A significant internet outage has been registered in Tehran, Iran with real time network data showing connectivity at 67% of ordinary levels; the incident comes amid protests over the death of Mahsa Amini and may affect coverage of events on the ground
U.S. announces new Iran sanctions over cyberattacks
1 year ago
Issues with mobile internet in Kryvyi Rih after missile strikes
1 year ago
Azerbaijan has temporarily suspended usage of "TikTok" in the country
1 year ago
Half of Poltava region experiencing issues with Lifecell cellular operator service due to failure at regional data distribution center after power failure yesterday
Albania says it has suffered a second cyber attack from Iran
U.S. imposes sanctions on Iran over cyber activities, cyberattack on Albania
Twitter is experiencing international outages for many users following the death of the UK's monarch, Queen Elizabeth II; incident not related to country-level internet disruptions or filtering
"We are ready to impose cost" if US adversaries try to mess with Election2022, per @US_CYBERCOM Exec Dir David Frederick at @BillingtonCyber
White House: NATO members will decide how to respond to cyber attacks from Iran after the attack on Albania, including activating Article 5
The White House: Washington will take additional measures against Iran after the cyber attack on Albania, a NATO member
White House: The United States condemns the Iranian cyber attack against Albania
Albania's prime minister announces the severing of diplomatic relations with Iran after a cyberattack. This happened around the time of the MEK conference, which had to be cancelled as well due to a terror threat
Albania announces the end of diplomatic ties with Iran and orders all Iranian diplomats and embassy staff to leave the country within the next 24 hours over cyberattacks - Albanian PM Edi Rama