Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

22 April 2018
Trump says he doesn't know why his longtime attorney paid $130K to Stormy Daniels right before the election
Email shows Trump offered early access to WikiLeaks documents: report
Aden: social media continues to be blocked, access is only via VPN.
Kaspersky shutting its DC office because it can no longer get federal biznes
LAPD warns traffic apps are directing people right into areas affected by wildfire, use caution
Houthi militias are searching citizens' telephones in the streets and arrested some of them after reading contents. Yemenis are frightened and unable to leave their homes in fear of running into militias.
Houthi blocked Facebook and WhatsApp
U.S. officials warn of ISIS' new caliphate: cyberspace
"For the foreseeable future, cyber will continue to be the thing I most fear" warns @SenatorBurr
4 month ago
"I may be more concerned today about a potential North Korean action" but @SenatorBurr says when he lays his head down on his pillow, "Cyber's the greatest threat"
"Companies have to take some responsibility," per @SenatorBurr on cyber and security issues "Do you really want to leave technology decisions to the group that I serve with?"
4 month ago
"I want to limit through policy the tools that they [Russia] can use" says @SenatorBurr
[email protected] says US intel saw Russia disinfo effort in real-time, and both intel community and lawmakers were "anxious" to see leadership from Obama administration that didn't come
My concern long term is that if we get too accustomed to unnamed sources, that will be the predominance of what's out there… says  @SenatorBurr at CFR, talking about unnamed sources in media on Russia investigation4 month ago
"My concern long term is that if we get too accustomed to unnamed sources, that will be the predominance of what's out there…" says @SenatorBurr at CFR, talking about unnamed sources in media on Russia investigation
[Putin] would like a weak United States that's unwilling and unable to push back against Russia" per @EvelynNFarkas
4 month ago
"They're [Russia] directing their anger today toward the European Union, which they dislike as an organization… and the dislike the United States" per Nyberg, adding Russia thinking not very strategic but emotional now
"Russia is a sieged fortress today. They're isolated and self-isolating themselves" per Nyberg
4 month ago
"Foreign policy is mostly the privilege of the government but its not a monopoly anymore" fmr Finland Ambassador to Russia René Nyberg
With countering Russia, though, "It is educating the people, informing the people…but not playing the [Russia] playbook back" says Finland's fmr Amb Nyberg
4 month ago
"This should not be anti-Russian. It is a larger problem," says René Nyberg, former Ambassador of Finland to Russia at CFR symposium
"The Russian government is not likely to respond to a soft request for negotiation" on Moscow's influence campaigns/cyber, per @EvelynNFarkas "we essentially have to force them to recognize that the price is too high"
4 month ago
"This problem comes down to leadership….what do we want? What do we want our world to be like?" says @selectedwisdom on countering not just Russia, but others, even domestic political campaigns on socialmedia
There is a danger, says @selectedwisdom - "We're much closer to real breaks in the United States than people really understand at this point"
4 month ago
"Declaring a source now, it's way too late" per @selectedwisdom "As long as it [the content from @RT or @SputnikInt] appeals to their preferences, they're going to consume it"
Making @RT and @SputnikInt register as foreign agents - "It's great that they did that It won't affect anything" says @selectedwisdom at @CFR_org Election Security symposium
In the United States "I'm not sure anyone knows what their role is in countering influence online" says @selectedwisdom "I haven't seen a lot of gears moving in any direction"
4 month ago
Europe doing better, says @selectedwisdom "Both structurally and in terms of message they're much more grounded so they can punch back" vs Russia influence ops
4 month ago
"We have failed in this for a decade now… in our counter influence. We don't always know what we believe in" per @selectedwisdom whether Russia or terror
Combating Russia influence ops with elections - "I don't know that anything's working yet…" says @selectedwisdom
4 month ago
"We get calls every day… people are concerned" counters Indiana's @SecretaryLawson "I've had just as many calls regarding the security of our elections … as I have ever had"
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