24 September 2021
In tonight's Collegiate Hearthstone championship, American University held up a "Free Hong Kong, boycott Blizzard" during the broadcast, which was quickly cut away by Blizzard
Team Lead for Vanilla World of Warcraft Mark Kern: This hurts. But until Blizzard reverses their decision on @blitzchungHS I am giving up playing Classic WoW, which I helped make and helped convince Blizzard to relaunch. There will be no Mark of Kern guild after all.
Senate Intel Committee concludes Russia's Internet Research Agency (IRA) "sought to influence the 2016 US presidential election by harming Hillary Clinton's chances of success & supporting Donald Trump at the direction of the Kremlin"
Iraq is offline again as of 13:00 UTC. It's been 140 hours since the state imposed a near-total telecommunication shutdown in most regions, severely limiting press coverage and transparency around the ongoing crisis
1 year ago
Over 58 000 customers are without power in Zabaikalsky Krai of Russia after failure at Haranorskaya Hydropower station unit
Iraq block Internet access again after was partially restored for 6 hours during and after President Barham Salih's speech.
This "Hezbollah" caption just popped on TV screen instead of ⁦@CNN⁩, happened on at least two other screens at the Pentagon.
The internet is back to Baghdad just at this moment.
Iraqi News Agency: Internet service returns to the country
China's largest e-commerce platform Taobao just announced it is removing all items linked to @HoustonRockets following GM @dmorey 's comments on Hong Kong
Internet has partly returned in Baghdad
After mask-ban, Hong Kong cabinet member says they won't rule out internet curbs
Media reports say Iran hacking operation uncovered by @Microsoft targeted the @realDonaldTrump campaign but was unsuccessful
Iran-based cyber group "Phosphorus" targeted a US presidential campaign and current/former government officials & journalists, per @Microsoft's @TomBurt45. 4 accounts were breached but NOT any associated with the presidential campaign or current/former US government officials
Microsoft says it has seen Iranian hackers try to breach a US presidential campaign
Heavily censored Internet returns to parts of Iraq 28 hours after blackout amid widespread unrest; real-time data show national connectivity up to 60% but some providers have extended social media restrictions
Some of Iraq's last remaining internet connections are being cut 27 hours after nationwide information blackout; real-time network data show new drops in connectivity with leading provider Earthlink from 19:30 UTC; incident ongoing
U.S., allies urge Facebook not to encrypt messages as they fight child abuse, terrorism
The KRG Ministry of Transport and Communications rejects Iraqi Federal government request to shut down the internet services in the Kurdistan Region
Russian state-owned media will receive 1.3 billion euros in 2020; a big jump from the current almost 1 billion1 year ago
Russian state-owned media will receive 1.3 billion euros in 2020; a big jump from the current almost 1 billion
1 year ago
Personal data of up to 60 millions card holders of Russian state-owned Bank "Sberbank" leaked
Internet providers stopped the service in Mosul. People are using the cell phone data right now.
Iraq is largely offline amid widening mass-protests; situation on the ground unclear due to blackouts; real-time network data show ~75% of country including Baghdad offline (excl. autonomous regions)
Internet access cut across much of Iraq: internet blockage observatory NetBlocks
Internet service is cut off from a number of neighborhoods of the Iraqi capital Baghdad
Twitter: The issue is just about fixed. You should be able to access Twitter as usual. If not, give it a few more minutes. Thanks for waiting
Twitter is down again after brief return
Twitter is experiencing issues around the world, with all users cannot upload media files1 year ago
Twitter is experiencing issues around the world, with all users cannot upload media files
1 year ago
Singapore's controversial 'fake news' law comes into effect as election looms
U.S. Space Command: Today we officially recognize the establishment of CFSCC at Vandenberg AFB. The CFSCC will lead USSPACECOM's mission to develop space warfighters & defend U.S. & partner space assets. We deter aggression in space with the help of our int'l partners to sustain peace & prosperity
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