24 September 2021
Facebook announces the closure of several accounts for participation in Iranian manipulation campaigns
Thousands of accounts likely from Iran, Russia and Venezuela removed by Twitter for spreading disinformation online.
According to Mueller and DC USA, discovery in the Roger Stone case is "both voluminous and complex," and "is composed of multiple hard drives containing several terabytes of information"—including bank records and comms taken from iCloud/email accounts, electronic devices.
U.S., China take the lead in race for artificial intelligence: U.N.
DOJ moves to take down Joanap botnet operated by North Korean state hackers
Mueller investigation: The Twitter account in question is @HackingRedstone, which is suspended. Mueller's team said today that the account published some "non-sensitive discovery materials," meaning it didn't threaten US national security, but the information was not meant to be public.
Mueller indicted the Russian troll farm. They got US lawyers and are fighting the case. During discovery, Mueller shared sensitive docs. Then, the Russians made a Twitter account and released some of the files (some doctored) to undermine Mueller.
A federal judge in Virginia has denied a request to unseal any criminal records (if they exist, something the government won't confirm or deny) related to Julian Assange.
In a new filing in the Internet Research Agency case, Mueller's team says they've found evidence discovery documents were forged as part of a "disinformation campaign aimed (apparently) at discrediting ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the US political system."
Apple is banning Facebook from distributing an app that let it collect tons of personal data from iPhones
Twitter is experiencing problems worldwide
ISIS-linked Tech Group Announces Official Tor Website2 year ago
ISIS-linked Tech Group Announces Official Tor Website
Russia using social media to target US, per @FBI Dir. Christopher Wray "Not only have the Russians continued to do it in 2018 but we've seen indications that they're continuing to adapt their model and that other countries taking a very interested eye in that approach"
Users report partial disruption of Facebook.
DNI Coats: China, Russian, North Korea and Iran are advancing their cyber capabilities, which are relatively low cost and growing in potency and severity. This include threatening both minds and machines in any expanding number of ways.
US facing a "toxic mix" of threats from state and non-state actors using variety of means, including cyber, @ODNIgov Dir Dan Coats warns Senate Intelligence Committee
Netanyahu: to make Israeli cyber security a massive growth industry, have kept regulation low - promoting creativity and international cooperation.
Justice Department unseals 13-count indictment against China's Huawei, two subsidiaries and its CFO Meng Wanzhou
Pro ISIS tech group AFAQ (Electronic Horizons Foundation) launches Darknet website containing its library of tutorials and videos for jihadists on communicating and remaining anonymous online2 year ago
Pro ISIS tech group AFAQ (Electronic Horizons Foundation) launches Darknet website containing its library of tutorials and videos for jihadists on communicating and remaining anonymous online
Facebook announces "new tools" against interference in European elections
Thailand's military junta cracks down on social media ahead of election
DoD cyber assessment: A new study warns that hackers are advancing their skills faster than the Pentagon can keep up
2 year ago
Russian hackers emailing Ukraine's election workers virus-infected greeting cards, shopping invitations, software updates and other "phishing" materials intended to steal passwords and personal information, The spam contains malware to control election officials' computers.
Chad Republic has kept social media shut for 300 days and counting
Facebook plans to integrate its messaging platforms, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, according to a report from the New York Times.
2 year ago
Transparency activists release massive trove of hacked, leaked Russian documents
2 year ago
#DDoSecrets has added: Dark Side of the Kremlin (108 GB), hundreds of thousands of messages and files from Russian politicians, journalists, oligarchs, religious figures, and nationalists/militants in Ukraine.
New @Airbnb statement restates that they'll be delisting from West Bank settlements, in addition to in South Ossentia and Abkhazia, and says they're working to "develop and validate means to implement" policy on "disputed areas".
Twitter handed out a suspension to white nationalist group Identity Evropa2 year ago
Twitter handed out a suspension to white nationalist group Identity Evropa
2 year ago
Russian regulator takes action against Twitter, Facebook for their refusal to say where their user databases are stored
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