29 November 2023
.@SecDef: We remain focused on Russian disinformation, including the potential creation of pretext for further invasion or strikes on Donbas
Major failure in Russian networks. Telecom operators and websites down, some foreign websites inaccessible1 Jahr zuvor
Major failure in Russian networks. Telecom operators and websites down, some foreign websites inaccessible
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SPB Exchange has suspended trading due to a technical failure
Users experiencing issues with VKontakte, MTS and Rostelecom1 Jahr zuvor
Users experiencing issues with VKontakte, MTS and Rostelecom
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News Corp was the target of a hack that accessed emails & documents of some employees, including @WSJ journalists, an incursion the company's cybersecurity consultant said was likely meant to gather intelligence to benefit China
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Hungary has blocked Ukraine's accession to NATO's cyber center CCDCOE
A new Chinese cyber-espionage group has been seen abusing a zero-day vulnerability in the Zimbra collaboration suite to gain access to the email inboxes of European governments and media agencies
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Blackout in several district in Simferopol after failure of power supply line
YouTube blocked the broadcast of UkrLive and "First Independent" TV channels, against which sanctions were previously imposed in Ukraine
DHS is tracking a record-breaking disinformation push: "From Sept 2021-Jan 2022, Russian state media & proxy websites published a greater number of anti-Ukrainian & anti-American narratives on a month-by-month basis than during any preceding period
Nova Scotia Power is reporting a large power outage impacting an area from Dartmouth to Eastern Passage to North Preston. More than 20,000 customers are without power. The utility blaming a "transmission interruption" and says the lights should be back by 11 a.m
There are restrictions on the Beeline mobile Internet services in some cities of Kazakhstan, in Aktau, Atyrau, Uralsk, Petropavlovsk, Kyzylorda, Aktobe. According to preliminary data, unidentified persons damaged the Beeline fiber-optic cable during drilling.
A suspected Iranian disinformation unit ran an elaborate network on Facebook targeting nationalist and ultra-religious Jews in Israel in an attempt to stoke division and inflame tensions with Palestinians, according to research shared exclusively with BBC
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Belgium investigates cyberattack on oil port terminals: prosecutor
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Plans for cyberattacks on the information infrastructure of Russia are a priority for a number of states, — National Center of the Russian Federation for Cyber Incidents
Blockchain bridge Wormhole says more than $325 million worth of wETH stolen from its network
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At least six oil storage terminals in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) refining hub are having difficulty loading and unloading refined product cargoes, owing to a broad cyberattack on European oil terminals that began on 29 January.
Pegasus NSO software was tested by @FBI but not deployed, the bureau states
CNN: "US officials prepare for potential Russian cyberattacks as Ukraine standoff continues"
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Putin discussed with Russian Security council protection of personal data
Multiple fuel terminals in Europe's oil-trading hub have been forced to halt operations because of "IT issues," according to a broker
This week, Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology Anne Neuberger will be in Europe "to elevate cybersecurity as a top-tier priority" at @NATO and with international partners, according to a senior administration official
The head of the Communications Service of Tajikistan, Ilkhom Atoev, clarified that the slowdown or complete restriction of Internet access in GBAO is a response to "information terrorism" that erupted after a rally in Khorog in November 2021
Potential Russia Cyber attack on Ukraine: "@NATO allies provide significant support to Ukraine both to bolster their cyber defenses, share information & to share best practices" per SecGen @jensstoltenberg He also notes a cyber attack on NATO allies can trigger Article 5
Reuters: "N.Korean internet downed by suspected cyber attacks -researchers"
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The official website of Ukraine "Ukraine.ua" was targeted in cyberattack last night - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Apparently major power failure at data center wherever most NYSE quotes come from impacting just about all trading platforms this morning
Apple iCloud is experiencing international service outages at the present time; incident not related to country-level internet disruptions or filtering
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Anonymous data of 48 million Russian certificates of vaccination against covid from the application "Gosuslugi STOP Coronavirus" put up for sale on the darknet
@citizenlab: we confirm 2 new cases of Pegasus hacking in Poland. @EKOlodziejczak_ started a movement that threatened to eat away at ruling party's votes. Tomasz Szwejgiert was writing a book about head of Poland's secret services. Story: @VanessaGera