Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

18 August 2017
Julian Assange reportedly turned down a trove of documents related to the Russian government
FBI is actively encouraging U.S. private sector to not buy, use or include @kaspersky in products
Daily Stormer banned from .ru on official request from Russian state media watchdog
PayPal suspends accounts tied to organizers of white supremacist rally
Shipping company Maersk says a huge cyberattack could cost it $300 million
.@Cloudflare has dropped the Daily Stormer. Even if the site is able to keep a registrar, it will be totally open to DDoS.
Twitter erases Daily Stormer presence on its platform (@dailystormer @dailystormers @rudhum)
Uber agrees to 20 years of privacy audits after FTC says it 'failed consumers'
US Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer web site down after @GoDaddy and @Google revoke registration.
4 arrested in India over 'Game of Thrones' episode leak
Iran judiciary freezes assets of BBC Persian staff
Pakistan says Indians again launched a massive cyber attack on Pakistan's Govt services on Independence day yesterday
Mobile internet services blocked in Kashmir valley
The White House press secretary has released a statement on Kenya's elections. They don't agree with Raila's hacking claims.
.@DreamHost says DOJ has ordered it to turn over logs that would reveal the IPs of visitors to an anti-Trump site
Neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer has been kicked off GoDaddy and Google.. It's now registered its domain with Tucows, a Toronto company.
Google says it too will ban The Daily Stormer after the neo-Nazi website moved its domain to Google - spokesperson
Italy accuses Russia of huge hack of its foreign ministry outposts
Ministry of Informational policy of Ukraine on NYT NK missiles: same fake as Kolchuga Radar for Hussain
Ukraine's Natl Security and Defense Council says reports of Yuzhmash missiles being used by North Korea "false info."
Anonymous hacks Neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer. "This evil cannot be allowed to stand."
Go Daddy: We informed The Daily Stormer that they have 24 hours to move the domain to another provider, as they have violated our terms of service.
Democratic congressman from California says @IvankaTrump has blocked him on Twitter
Ships fooled in GPS spoofing attack in the Black Sea suggest Russian cyberweapon aimed to distort navigation
Prosecutor says Kronos is still "in the wild" and @MalwareTechBlog's associate is "still at large" so Hutchins shouldn't have internet access
Russia-linked hackers targeted hotel guests across Europe: security firm
Ex-MI5 chief warns against crackdown on encrypted messaging apps
ISIS used eBay to funnel terror cash to US, feds say
Jubilee is not planning to give any statement now. They are waiting for IEBC to make their announcement first.
Kenya election commission chairman says there was an attempt to hack the country's election systems but it failed