Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

23 September 2018
Hacking group "Anonymous" pledges to expose people behind "QAnon" conspiracy theory
[email protected] @SecNielsen repeating warning of "urgent, evolving crisis in cyberspace" "Our adversaries' capabilities online are outpacing our stove-piped defenses" she writes in new op-ed
YouTube permanently bans Alex Jones
Dem candidate in Alabama says Russians tried to hack her campaign site
Facebook has unpublished four pages belonging to conspiracy theorist and far-right radio host Alex Jones.
Trump expected to unveil executive orders aimed at protecting US supply chain from foreign cyber threats
1 month ago
Assange in 'solitary confinement' at embassy, fears extradition to US, lawyer says
1 month ago
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Telegram channel publishing "leaks from Kremlin's troll fabric" say that new directives issued that U.S is behind Yerevan revolution
Estonian cyber security center doesn't recommend using Russian @yandexcom Taxi service: the app asks too much of a private data which later are sent to the Russian servers.
US has arrested three Ukrainian nationals on criminal hacking charges, including stealing credit card info from more than 100 American businesses like Chili's, Arby's, and Chipotle.
Google plans censored version of search engine in China: sources
1 month ago
Southeast Asia seek cybersecurity deal with Russia after series of hacks
Reddit just disclosed a breach, says it's still investigating severity
U.S. to announce arrest of Ukrainian hackers: sources
Google is planning to launch a censored search engine in China that will blacklist websites and search terms about human rights, democracy, political opposition, academic studies, religion, and peaceful protest
The EU parliamentary elections are vulnerable to "fake news" and cyberattacks, the EU Commission warns.
Per @VP, Trump administration allocated additional $1.2 billion for digital defense and is requesting $15 billion for next budget
Social media giant Facebook says it has shut down more than 30 fake pages and accounts involved in what it says appears to be a "coordinated" attempt to sway public opinion on political issues ahead of the US midterm elections in November
Pence takes the stage to applause from industry CEOs. He begins by saying that the Trump administration knows that cybersecurity is more important than ever
U.S. homeland security secretary commends Facebook action
Facebook uncovers sophisticated attempts to influence upcoming US elections on its platforms.
Pro-ISIS Tech Group Announces Weekly QandA To Be Held On Encrypted Decentralized Chat App "riot im" For ISIS Supporters
Iran: Today @telegram stopped twice due to Iran's hijack efforts.This attack started when some political movements asked people to start cross country protests from tomorrow when Telegram is crucial to inform and organise people.
1 month ago
The Swiss Spiez Laboratory, which specializes in the prevention of chemical, biological and atomic warfare, was apparently attacked by a group of hackers linked to Russia's secret service.
1 month ago
Official: Russian hackers targeted 2016 Montana election
Facebook says it's getting close to pulling several InfoWars pages
Mattis on stopping Russian elex interference: " I am not at liberty to explain what we are doing in that regard. Just rest assured there are actions underway to protect our elections or to expose any external by anybody, external efforts to influence the American public"
Montenegro to Join NATO Cyber-Defense Center
1 month ago
Lenin Moreno: I have never been in agreement with Assange's activity, I have never agreed with the interventions in people's private emails in order to obtain information, however valuable it may be.
1 month ago
Ecuador President Moreno says whistleblower JulianAssange must eventually leave London Embassy.
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