US Marines set up cyber division

Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

22 September 2018
Trump says he doesn't know why his longtime attorney paid $130K to Stormy Daniels right before the election
Trump's legal team may tell Mueller he can interview the president if, among other considerations, he agrees to a timeline for ending the Trump-related portion of the Russia probe—for example, 60 days from the date of the interview
US Marines set up cyber division
6 month ago
"We need to wrestle with it because we need to get a better definitionwhat's acceptable" @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti says of long ongoing policy debate of defining int'l standard of what is cyberwar "We've got to begin to move forward"
Top US general in Europe: "I don't believe there is an effective" US response to confront Russian cyber threats - NATO Supreme Allied CMDR-Europe Scaparrotti
6 month ago
Germany looks to revise social media law as Europe watches
"The Russians had no impact on our votes whatsoever, but certainly there was meddling," in Election 2016 @POTUS says in response to a Swedish reporter's question
"The trans-Atlantic link is strong and it remains crucial to responding to global security challenges" says @SwedishPM "We greatly value our broad security and defense cooperation with the United States"
@NunbergSam says he's fully cooperating with Mueller's team and he's intending to go get treatment following his grand jury appearance on Friday
Ex-Trump aide flips, says he will comply with Mueller subpoena
6 month ago
Social media firms are like irresponsible landlords - UK counter-terrorism police head
Indonesia blocks online-blogging site Tumblr over porn
Washington becomes first state to pass its own net neutrality law
6 month ago
Ksenia Sobchak's election campaign website was hacked and currently doesn't work.
Steele reportedly told Mueller the Kremlin intervened to block Romney from being Sec. of State because he's tough on Russia. Tillerson received an Order of Friendship award from Putin and has done effectively nothing to counter Russian information warfare
6 month ago
Moscow says U.S. trying to interfere in Russian election: RIA
The State Department was granted $120 million to fight Russian meddling. It has spent $0.
6 month ago
Putin at the FSB board demanded to strengthen the security of the Russian Federation from cyberthreats
6 month ago
Putin's advisor on Internet Klimenko: Russia is ready to lose access to world web
6 month ago
Russian President Putin says his country will "never" extradite any of the 13 Russians indicted by the United States for election-meddling
6 month ago
Putin tells U.S. to send evidence of vote meddling
6 month ago
Kremlin dismisses allegation Russia behind German cyber attack
New DDoS Record Set at 1.3 Tbps Thanks to Memcached Servers
"We may need to make clear to Russia and for that matter to other nations that if you go about using cyber warfare or disinformation against us, we're going to call you out and we're going to punch back" per Senate Intel Committe ranking member @MarkWarner
6 month ago
Despite huge criticism for a cyberattack on German government institutions German Interior Minister Thomas deMaizière says it's a "success" that the attack on federal networks could be "isolated and brought under control."
"In this area of misinformation and disinformation, our country is often being rocked back on our heels," says Senate Intel Committee ranking member @MarkWarner "The Kremlin is spending pennies on the dollar, pennies on the dollar and candidly wreaking havoc"
"Tracking the impact of the Russian disinformation is obviously inherently difficult" says @MarkWarner "For most, you don't even know you're being attacked"
6 month ago
Germany´s federal government is being hacked - and it´s been going on for more than one year. Lawmakers demand better IT security. @SPD´s @LischkaB tells "too many cooks spoil the broth"
"Weaponizing that hacked information is a growing part of the Russian playbook" says Senate Intel ranking member @MarkWarner "The truth is, we should have seen this coming"
"We have much work to do to ensure that our elections infrastructure can withstand anything the Russians will try," warns Senate Intel Committee ranking member @MarkWarner
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