British Airways says its website and app were compromised; personal and financial details stolen

Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

23 September 2018
"Today, we permanently suspended @realalexjones and @infowars from Twitter and Periscope," announces @Twitter.
Twitter has permanently banned Alex Jones and Infowars, citing a video attacking a CNN reporter yesterday:
Financial data of ~380,000 card payments of @British_Airways customers who made online bookings recently has been stolen, according to the airline's parent company.2 week ago
Financial data of ~380,000 card payments of @British_Airways customers who made online bookings recently has been stolen, according to the airline's parent company.
At Cyber Command, "There is nothing more important than the security of the midterm elections" per Gen Paul Nakasone, with Cyber Command sharing threat indicators and standing ready to impose a cost on adversaries #BillingtonCyber
2 week ago
British Airways says its website and app were compromised; personal and financial details stolen
With secret access to NYPD CCTV @IBM created software which tags people based on their skin tone + hair/clothing color. IBM gave NYPD access, then pitched them on a new AI product which identifies people on camera as "Black," "White," and "Asian":
US Department of Justice to indict North Korean hackers it accuses of cyberattack on Sony, says it's allegedly responsible for global ransomware attack called Wannacry
Rubio pounds Google for its absence. "Maybe it's because they're arrogant" or maybe it's because of Buzzfeed's big story about how they managed to replicate Russian disinfo ops. "I'm sure they don't want to be here to answer these questions."
Rubio says maybe Google is not here because they didn't want to answer questions about a group managing to get Google Ads while using the same info as the .RU IRA
$TWTR is down 5%, $FB drops 1.4% as Dorsey and Sandberg testify
Twitter chief says was 'unprepared' for 'weaponized' social media manipulation
Sandberg references fact that FireEye tipped off FB about the Iranian influence campaign in talking about cooperating with other social media companies on disinfo/influence campaigns. "In our mind, that's the system working." Jack says Twitter hosted a meeting in past 2 weeks
Twitter CEO @jack tells Congress the company is thwarting 530,000 suspicious log-ins daily, twice as many as detected a year ago.
"The importance of social media cannot be understated" per Cybercom's Gen Nakasone, re today's SSCI hearing with social media companies/Russia election interference "This is where social media companies can impose a cost on our adversaries"
"Our adversariescontinue to have an ability to up their game" per Cybercom's Gen Nakasone "We are engaged every single day against our adversaries" he says, calling US cyber force equal or better
Warner gives shout-out to deep fakes technology, which can place largely anyone's face onto another video (porn, compromising stuff), as the future of disinfo.
Twitter CEO @jack and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg testify on Capitol Hill
Facebook has removed account of pro-Kremlin blogger Graham W Phillips
2 week ago
Russian authorities complain to Google that YouTube is hosting Alexei Navalny's videos calling for protests against pension reform on polling day. Google has never responded to any letters from the Russian censor, they say, and this will be viewed as interference in elections.
LTT spokesman Murad Bilal to Alnabaa: Facebook is down due to a malfunction in international internet cables provider
Top UN counter terror official announces sept. 26 rollout of global standards for collecting digital evidence from private sector communications companies.
[email protected] has announced it has identified and shut down an influence operation originating from Iran.
3 week ago
US counter-intelligence chief William Evanina urges LinkedIn to copy the response of other social media platforms which have all purged fake accounts allegedly linked to intelligence agencies
Trump says Google, Twitter, Facebook are trying to silence people
FBI rebuts Trump tweet: "The FBI has not found any evidence the (Clinton) servers were compromised," an FBI official tells @KenDilanianNBC
3 week ago
Hungary bans Kaspersky lab software on government computers
Shanghai policehave launched an investigation into the alleged massive data breach containing nearly 500 million pieces of information of Huazhu Group Ltd., one of China's largest hotel operators.
US President Donald Trump accuses China of being behind the e-mail piracy of Hillary Clinton
US Special Envoy for Iran: We are working to address Iran's threats in cyberspace
Google statement in response to Trump tweet
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