Cloudflare says it detected one attack with an amplification factor of 51,200 and another one that reached 260 Gbps using Memcached

Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

22 September 2018
Trump says he doesn't know why his longtime attorney paid $130K to Stormy Daniels right before the election
Roger Stone and WikiLeaks exchanged private Twitter messages during the election. They show, among other things, that WikiLeaks sought to keep its channel to Stone open after Trump won
[email protected]'s public stats portal also recorded the sudden rise in Memcache-based DDoS attacks
Cloudflare says it detected one attack with an amplification factor of 51,200 and another one that reached 260 Gbps using Memcached
NSA Director Rogers on Russian cyberattacks: "I believe that President Putin has clearly come to the conclusion there's little price to pay here."
NSA Director Mike Rogers testifies he has not been authorized by President or Mattis to retaliate against Russian cyber operators who attacked 2016 election
@NSAGov chief Adm. Michael Rogers says Russia has "not paid a price that is sufficient to change their behavior," when it comes to their cyberattacks on the US. adds Russians have been in no way deterred from continuing ongoing cyberattacks on the US.
Cybercom Chief Rogers tells the Senate Intel Committee that he has not been directed by President Trump or Defense Secretary Mattis to disrupt Russian hacking operations against the United States where they originate.
NATO legal adviser Wieslaw Gozdziewicz warns that cyber is considered a warfare domain, if a private company's property (eg Microsoft server) is used for attacks, it loses any protection and is a valid target of state retaliation
NATO's Commander Wieslaw Gozdziewicz tells the alliance should be training soldiers how to operate in an "information-degraded or information-denied environment."
MEP @Urmaspaet is the EP's rapporteur on cyber defense: the "majority of policy makers and decision makers" are not cyber aware. He wants his report to parliament to be a wakeup call to them, the private sector and the public. He says lives are at stake
"It would not be realistic to have a common 'response manual' for NATO allies" in cyber attacks, says former Assistant NATO SG @sducaru, but he says "playbooks" should resemble each other very closely
Estonian MEP @Urmaspaet: "All future developments [in defense] should go between EU and NATO hand in hand," especially cyber
Deputy Assistant NATO Secretary General Jamie Shea tells NATO is likely to be hit by "cyber bombardment day and night" for the near future at least and"needs to be able to respond," including putting allies' cyber defenses under NATO command if needed. All responses up to Article 5 are possible
NATO's "cyber defense pledge" will for the first time create what Deputy Assistant Secretary General NATO Jamie Shea calls a "serious benchmarking program" so there's a realistic assessment of allies' capabilities compared with others.
Deputy Assistant NATO Secretary General for "emerging security challenges" Jamie Shea talks about one of them. "In the old days if we bought a tank, we knew it would be good for 20, 30 years," he tells CSBXL18, but need to update cyber capabilities constantly
"In the past there was a tendency to deal with [cyberattacks] quietly" to avoid creating an "international incident, says NATO's Jamie Shea at CBXL18. But impunity is coming to an end, he says, as "states are less wiling to accept this is the cost of doing business."
6 month ago
Discussion on RussianPlanes website ban was briefly deleted from another aviation forum "forumavia ru" and brought back in minutes
We would like to make it much more difficult to obscure who you are on the internet, says Security Commissioner @JKingEU
Security Commissioner @JKingEU says he's recommended an increased budget (current budget is tiny) for East StratCom, the EU's counter-disinformation effort, which has identified some 3500 instances of purposeful Russian meddling
Russian spotters and avgeek website was closed, just after users on it matched 96023 of Rossiya 'Special Flight Squadron' Il-96 cocaine plane6 month ago
Russian spotters and #avgeek website was closed, just after users on it matched #96023 of Rossiya 'Special Flight Squadron' Il-96 "cocaine plane"
6 month ago
Singapore proposes measure to bar communications from terror attack sites
Rossiya Segodnya (parent company of RT, Sputnik et. al) has new FARA filing with DOJ
Ukraine's cyber police have rearrested Gennady Kapkanov, alleged mastermind of int'l cybercrime gang behind Avalanche network that was busted in global raids more than a year ago. Pictured is the passport found on him, which shows he was using a pseudonym.
Bill Browder:It just never stops. This time the Russians hacked the winter Olympics and tried to make it look like the North Koreans did it.
Google Bans Iran government's Spyware App Google has removed an Iran government-backed app from the Google Play store andbanned its developer from the platform, over fears that it may be used to spy on users, thanks to information from an Iranian Resistance group.
Bolton calls for retaliating on Russian election meddling: "i think it should be decidedly disproportionate"
Facebook is not working around the world
Trump-Russia probe counsel to interview ex-Trump aide Nunberg: sources
7 month ago
Taiwan police arrest four men over a bitcoin robbery worth $170,000, in the first case of its kind on the island
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