"The DNC called the FBI yesterday after detecting an attempt to hack its voter database" - @CNN

Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

23 September 2018
"The DNC called the FBI yesterday after detecting an attempt to hack its voter database" - @CNN
1 month ago
Power partly restored in Athens after blackout
Facebook removes hundreds of accounts identified as part of influence campaign ahead of midterms
Lanny Davis, on Rachel Maddow, suggests strongly that his client Michael Cohen has information for Mueller on Trump campaign collusion with Russia and Trump's knowledge of plans for Russian hacking before the hacking occurred
Twitter: Working with our industry peers today, we have suspended 284 accounts from Twitter for engaging in coordinated manipulation. Based on our existing analysis, it appears many of these accounts originated from Iran.
Microsoft says it has taken over 6 domains associated with APT28. Domains were never used in attacks but they appear to be ideal for spear-phishing ops. Microsoft says they have taken control of 84 APT28 domains in the last two years.
"Putin's thesis is that the American constitution is an experiment that will fail if it is challenged in the right way from within" — @Wess_Mitchell, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.
The Russians tried to hack the US Senate and conservative think tanks, Microsoft says
Russian hackers appear to have a new target: conservative U.S. think tanks that have broken with President Trump, a report by Microsoft found
The hackers of Anonymous knock down the websites of the National Police and the Constitutional Court
US National Security Advisor John Bolton singled out China, North Korea and Iran as countries who could possibly meddle in American elections - as President Donald Trump railed about a probe into Russian interference in 2016
Police in Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, arrested three suspects for stealing about 600 million yuan (around $87 million) worth of virtual currency by hacking, local police said
1 month ago
Cyber division of Iran's Islamic government Min of Intel has reported twitter accounts of several Iranian dissidents and opposition activists within past few days including Ashkan Monfared's account.
Egypt's Sisi ratifies new cyber-crime law
1 month ago
Azerbaijan has banned porn
Google clarifies to users it still tracks their location even after they turn off location history, following AP report.
Slack on outage: Our apologies for the interruption to your day. We're seeing connectivity issues affecting workspaces, and our team is working on sorting this out as quickly as possible.
Chinese police use scanners that can break into smartphones and extract contact lists, photos, videos, social media posts and email.
Departures moving again at DCA, but it will take some time for the backlog to clear.
Power is restored to the airport and systems are coming back online. Some flights may be delayed - Airport Officials
Widespread Power Outage at D.C.'s Reagan National Airport; Managers Working To Determine Cause
Power outage at @Reagan_Airport; only minimal lighting, no displays. @sdkb42 asked flight staff if this happens sometimes; they said they've never seen anything like it.
Brazil may probe Google over its cell phone system: report
Amsterdam is experiencing a 'total communication failure. No flights accepted within the FIR' (EuroControl). Many flights holding or diverting elsewhere. Listen to Amsterdam Schiphol and Radar ATC: @flightradar24
Saudi state carrier says flights affected by system failure
Twitter have suspended @RealAlexJones from making new tweets.
According to the Israeli army there have been hundreds of reports of suspicious individuals approaching soldiers online on various platforms.
Air Force announces plans for building "second" hypersonic weapon, hours after $716B defense policy signed by Trump. Pentagon has warned of China and Russia gains with hypersonic weapons which travel Mach 5 (5x speed of sound)
An @AP investigation finds that some Google services keep a record of your movements even when you've used privacy settings that say they'll prevent them from doing so
The Twitter accounts of @NBCNews' @PeterAlexander and @kwelkernbc have been compromised. "Please do not click any links in DMs or tweets," network says
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