Wikileaks asked Don Jr to leak his dad's tax returns to them to help appearance of impartiality

Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

23 February 2018
May: Russia “meddling in elections deploying state-run media to plant fake stories to sow discord in the West.”3 month ago
May: Russia “meddling in elections deploying state-run media to plant fake stories to sow discord in the West.”
Mexico presented a National Cybersecurity Strategy developed with support from the Organization of American States
From @VP office tonight: “The Vice President was never aware of anyone associated with the campaign being in contact with WikiLeaks. He first learned of this news from a published report earlier tonight."
Turn off geolocation - Russian Mindef propaganda on cybersecurity3 month ago
"Turn off geolocation" - Russian Mindef propaganda on cybersecurity
A hacking collective has breached several Lebanese government websites and posted a message threatening war with Saudi Arabia
Donald Jr correspondence timeline with "non-state hostile intelligence service"
Donald Trump Jr releases messages he exchanged with WikiLeaks during 2016 US presidential campaign
The government of Maduro attacks against the press and freedom of expression in less than a week: 1. "law against hatred" 2. paramilitary takeover of the newspaper El Nuevo País. 3. CONATEL will regulate social networks
[email protected]: Here is the entire chain of messages with @wikileaks (with my whopping 3 responses) which one of the congressional committees has chosen to selectively leak. How ironic! 1/3
3 month ago
Wikileaks asked Don Jr to leak his dad's tax returns to them to help appearance of impartiality
Spain believes Russia tried to sway Catalonia referendum, destabilise NATO ally Spain
Spain to brief EU on alleged cyber-meddling in Catalonia
Despite continuous deletion of ISIS social media accounts, terror group boasts of 600 active "Nashir News" Telegram channels and groups
3 month ago
Trump says he believes Putin’s election meddling denials: „Every time he sees me he says I didn’t do that and I really believe that when he tells me that, he means it. But he says I didn’t do that. I think he is very insulted by it, if you want to know the truth.“
Dutch MP @PieterOmtzigt, known for his criticism of @JITMH17's handling of MH17 investigation, caught on tape and via SMS instructing fake pro-Russian "witness" how to lie to victims' relatives and journalists.
Somaliland to shut down Internet networks across the state for its presidential elections on 13th November
Washington orders RTAmerica to register as foreign agent by Monday
Speaking at NATO, US Defence Secretary Mattis says Russia is making incessant efforts to interfere in US politics; discussed with allies US view that Russia has breached INF Treaty
3 month ago
InfoWars has copied more than 1,000 articles produced by Russia's RT to its website
Fire at "technical object" of Russian Foreign intelligence SVR was extinguished
NATO's @jensstoltenberg says cyber effects and weapons could be more proportionate than responding with military force.
NATO will create new cyber operations center and will allow commanders to utilize cyber weapons into war plans, @jensstoltenberg says.
3 month ago
"I love Islamic state." Prince Albert police website hacked.
Cyber is another top priority for NATO and will reflect it in our updated command structure: @jensstoltenberg
Nepal bank recovers 'most' of the money stolen after its SWIFT server was hacked last month
"If we want to deal with Russia disinformation,we do need someone at a leadership level in the US to say this is our strategy" per Clint Watts
"If they [Russia] want to dive into a campaign the decision point is they start a hacking campaign for kompromat" per @selectedwisdom
"if you want to know where [Russia] is going1st thing I look for is where are RT and Sputnik news outlets going" per @selectedwisdom
"No one had the information warfare responsibility" per @selectedwisdom adds of difficulties in countering Russia info ops
In 2014 saw what ISIS was doing but what Russia was doing was beyond that, per @selectedwisdom "I was almost admiring the audacity"